Is your treatment center losing money due to extremely low reimbursements and unfair or excessive denials from commercial insurers?  Do third-party pricers attempt to negotiate your rates below what it actually costs for you to provide services?  Do you think these practices are in violation of the federal Parity Act?  They are.  Things will not change, however, unless the treatment industry takes a stand.  It starts with providers like you.  Let the highly experienced attorneys at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC review your claims for Parity violations and help you fight back against the insurance companies.  There is no fee for our services unless we successfully recover money for your facility.  Let us help you win back millions in lost and written-off revenue and force the insurers to comply with the law.


  • Recoup hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly billions of dollars, in unpaid or partially denied claims

  • Reset the playing field to make sure all providers get paid what they are owed in the future

  • Increase access to treatment for millions of commercially insured plan holders and their dependents

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We will aggregate claims data from all participating providers to establish the largest claims and reimbursement pools possible against each defendant insurer.


Estimated average annual write off for a typical 40 bed residential treatment facility due underpayments and other Parity violations by insurers.


Total estimated annual unpaid insurance claims due to Parity violations across the industry, which includes over 7,000 residential treatment centers and 8,000 partial hospitalization or outpatient centers.


Have recovered $4 Billion+ from insurers and others


There is no cost to have your claims data analyzed for Parity violations

$50M – $2B recovery

Projected value of cases. The more providers who participate, the more we will recover